Felice Pasqua!

Happy Easter everyone!

While my Easter Sunday is slowly coming to an end, I know most of you reading this are just getting started! Let me tell you about my day!

My roommates and I woke up to pouring rain outside and thunder. Normally this would make me want to stay in bed..but we had an agenda! We were going to the Vatican! So we got up and got dressed. Now let me tell you, it is extremely difficult to decide what to wear to see the pope. I mean he is THE POPE. Multiple dress changes ensued, but finally we were on our way. We met up with another group of friends and decided a taxi was a must.

Finally arriving at the Vatican; it was a sight to see. I didn’t even know what it looked like before today so I wasn’t sure what to expect. As we walked towards the St. Peter’s Square, we were just getting drenched. We HAD to buy rain ponchos. Everyone else had them so we didn’t feel out of place, and now we have our very own souvenir from Rome! Plus, the guy who sold the Ponchos to us asked me if I was a top model from America. After blushing I responded with a no, and he proceeded to question me asking me if I was sure I wasn’t a top model, and if I wasn’t then I had to be an actor. The flattery definitely worked and my ego is through the roof now. Just kidding…it was already there. JUST KIDDING AGAIN.

Walking up on St. Peter’s Square, it was really neat to see how many people came out for this even in the horrible weather. There had to be thousands of people there. I don’t really know what happened, since everything was said in Italian, but just being able to witness it live was incredible. At one point, they moved us up to a different section, and when Pope Francis came around in his cart, we were literally almost five feet away from him. He is honestly such a cute and adorable old man!

Easter Egg

After it was over, our group went in search of food. We found this really nice restaurant that seemed pretty upscale but the prices were extremely affordable. Everyone in our group got pizza but me (I know I’m trying to be a little healthy), but I tried some of the pizza and it was to die for. Definitely going back there.


Other than that, it was a very chill and laid back day, but one I will never forget. So thankful I could be here for Easter and experience it in another culture. Hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter like mine!



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