Tarquinia Tomb Thrills and Tortellini

I’m still alive!

I know it’s been a lot longer than normal between now and my last post but we can all blame it on the wifi. Who would have thought I would be so dependent on wifi? Me and probably everyone else. For some reason the wifi in our apartment isn’t working right and this is the first chance I’ve had to get wifi and sit down and write my blog!

So Thursday, we got to take a field trip outside of Rome! I think my favorite part of the trip was seeing the countryside and driving parallel to the Mediterranean Sea most of the way. The sea is so beautiful and it was such a tease to see it but not be able to go to it.

A Tarquinian TombWe drove to two different places, Cerveteri, and Tarquinia. Both of these places have Etruscan burial sites. In Cerveteri, it was a lot more rugged, and jungle like; making it more of an adventure. Some of the tombs were open for us to go into, which was really creepy. It was neat to see how important the tombs were to the Etruscans and the amount of effort they put into each one, but I think I enjoy them more from the outside. In Tarquinia, the tombs were a lot more spread out but a lot farther underground. Most of the tombs we went into here, had about at least 25 steps going down to where the actual tombs were. The tomb walls are elaborately painted and tell stories of the deceased which I think is really cool. The paintings told a different story, a different battle, a different scene. Before we went to the actual tombs in Tarquinia, we stopped in the town of Tarquinia for lunch. I probably could have stayed in that town forever. It was up on the hillside and overlooked the sea, and it was a stunning view.

I don't think I really like being inside a tomb.
I don’t think I really like being inside a tomb.


Right after lunch, we went into the museum before heading to the tombs. I thought this museum was a lot more interesting than the museum we went to the previous day. The artifacts here seemed a lot more advanced and of higher class. Some of the jewelry on display, especially the wedding rings, looked like rings that people would wear nowadays. They were so intricate in detail, and the ring for the female even had a stone (diamond?) in the center like we would have now. The rings and the jewelry were probably my favorite artifacts in both museums.

Yesterday, some friends and I went shopping! We went near the Spanish Steps which is a huge shopping district. Most of the stores, no normal person can even afford. Luckily, we found an H&M. I realize that is the last thing anyone would want to do in Italy is go shopping, but I needed some essentials. Seeing how Italians dress makes me want to step up my clothing game. I love wearing comfy clothes but here, that doesn’t cut it. I need clothes that are on the Italians level and hopefully comfy. So I bought two jackets that will go with everything. One is more for lounging, and the other one I can wear for any occasion, any season.

Facebook-20150412-035842The best part about yesterday? Self. Serve. Gelato. I finally found people who actually wanted to go in there with me! It was just as amazing as I expected it to be. It was actual Gelato! It wasn’t froyo like Cierra suspected [Insert tongue sticking out here]. I got cioccolata and fragola (Chocolate and Strawberry) with lots of toppings. They had whole candy bars as toppings, nutella, cereal, and different fruit flavored sauces to put on. Needless to say, they will definitely be getting more of my money. Just take it all.

Speaking of places getting all my money, another place that will be getting more of my business is this place that JUST SELLS FRIES. How amazing is that?! Now I realize I am in the country known for amazing pizza and pasta, and don’t get me wrong I love all of that, but sometimes fries are what you need. These fries are pretty amazing and they sell like 20 different kinds of sauces too. So this curbs my cravings for Red Robin. For now.

Facebook-20150412-035902And now that I am thinking about it, I finally got the one pasta dish I had been looking for! I found a Tortellini dish! I have been on the lookout for a Tortellini dish for a specific reason. My Dad. I’m pretty sure my Dad had no Italian in him whatsoever, but he LOVED Italian food! I know when my family reads this post, they will remember him teaching me how to say “Tortellini!” in an Italian accent with the right hand motions too. So I had to get this dish for him. I think about him every day that I’m here because I know he would love the fact that I’m in Italy of all places. I can hear him telling me “mangia!” (Eat!) when he would make me dinner or I was taking too long to finish eating. I miss him but I know he’s with me every second experiencing all of this with me.

So this is what I have been doing without wifi, and I don’t know when it will be fixed. Hopefully sooner rather than later!



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