6 Days and Counting…


I only have six days left here and I don’t know how to grasp it. One second, I couldn’t be more excited to be back home and see all my family. A second later, there’s so much left that I want to do and experience that I don’t have time for and I just need time to slow down a little. That’d be great.

How am I spending my last weekend in the wonderful city of Rome? HOMEWORK. An essay, a final presentation, and a writing portfolio has me at my computer quite a bit, but that hasn’t stopped me from going out and exploring.

Snapchat--3942969112941734352This past week has been extremely chill, more class than site visits. I did a book presentation that probably wasn’t my best one, but hey, at least it’s over. We also did the entire play of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar on Thursday and Friday. Thursday we did the first 3 acts on the banks of the Tiber River and Friday we took a field trip to Ostia Antica which is an ancient ruin site with an amphitheater in it. Unfortunately they were doing maintenance there, so we did the last 2 acts on a grassy field near the amphitheater. Since I don’t like talking, I was an extra. Which I ended up talking more than I planned. But it wasn’t that bad. At one point I was a plebeian and my favorite thing to say was “Peace, ho!”. Makes me laugh every time.

Snapchat--3732946609140902172After the play, we explored Ostia Antica for awhile. While it was really interesting, I was way more excited for what we were doing after….we went to the beach!!!! We took a train to Lido Centro, and spent the rest of the day at the beach. Class is a beach day? I’ll take it. We went to the “paid beach” becauseSnapchat-6116001796628048360 we wanted lounge chairs and umbrellas but it was completely worth it. There were hardly any people where we went and I got lots of color. Only slightly disappointed that I have not swam in the Mediterranean Sea yet. Every time I think I am, I find out it’s a different one. So I swam in the Tyrhennian sea, which is just as amazing. Not quite as cold as the pacific ocean, but not a sauna either. WAAAAY more salty though. Bleh.

Today, Cierra and I went to an Aqueduct park called Parco degli Aquedotti. It’s a park to preserve a few of the ancient aqueducts. For my final presentation I’m talking all about them so of course I had to go look at them.

It was quite the adventure getting there. Neither of us have data/GPS on our phones so I wrote down the directions….didn’t really help. The streets here can be really confusing so we eventually got lost. We realized on our way back that we had gone down the wrong street so we were done from then on.

Snapchat-1112366477090365106Snapchat-7898418501531109988Giving up, we finally took a taxi to the park, and I must say, I’m glad I didn’t give up entirely and go home. It was beautiful. The Aqueducts are Snapchat-1805357369793078940HUGE. They make me feel tiny…which is hard to do. But I was impressed by how well kept they are. We were even able to climb over one, which was pretty cool. We also got to see a waterfall, which made my day. I love waterfalls. Unfortunately, I couldn’t swim in this one so I can’t cross that off my bucket list yet. But…progress people. Progress. Cierra and I also carved our names into a tree…humanely of course. We are tree huggers after all (literally).


We took a taxi home where I am now simultaneously writing this blog, writing an essay, and working on a PowerPoint presentation. Don’t you just love finals week? Good news, after Monday, I’ll essentially be done with everything. And tomorrow I’m going shopping for all the wonderful people in my family to buy gifts for them! 🙂

Today is almost over, and slowly only 5 days left are approaching.

Sidenote: Finally found a restaurant that serves fettuccine alfredo!!! It was very exciting!

Second Sidenote: Cierra, Emily and I made a perfect tri-pinky promise last night. On accident. Now you KNOW that pinky promise is never going to be broken…even though it kind of was already. Oops. But we nailed it.

Snapchat-1333802521124333931Ciao Ciao!


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