A Little Family Lovin’

Well hello there!

Just like I promised, I have been having my fill of Red Robin! No seriously, I was just there last night…

I have been back in the states for almost three weeks now and let me tell you, I’m ready to go back to Rome. Seattle will just never be the same to me anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Seattle, I love Washington, and I love America, but Rome is just way better now.

How do I go from walking everywhere, seeing Cierra and Maddy’s faces every single day, eating Gelato, listening to “Ciao, Bella!”, and being constantly on the go; to driving everywhere, and feeling like I’m just wasting away on the couch?

I need Rome back in my life. I’m seriously going through Gelato withdrawals…and Gummy Dinos withdrawals.

On the plus side, I’ve got to spend a lot of time with family!

Seeing my parents was long overdo…even though they gave me the worst homecoming ever (seriously guys?) No balloons, no flowers, no waiting at the bottom of the escalator for me? Very disappointed. But they did take me to Red Robin the next day so I guess it makes up for it. We also celebrated my Momma’s birthday as can be seen from the photo below. (This is what you get for not having any welcome home anything for me. You’re welcome.) She’s so cute.


I FINALLY got to see my amazing Gramma! Words don’t even begin to describe how happy I was to see her! I’m not sure why I didn’t take a picture with her. 😦

Seeing my Auntie Karen was just as exciting considering she’s my BFF and I kinda missed her lots. I would have seen her more if the Nickelback concert hadn’t been cancelled. So so so so disappointed.

Probably my favorite part of this past week (aside from seeing Gramma of course!) was getting to see all my younger cousins!

I got to see Parker again before he went to Eastern Washington for the summer! Oh how I missed him! And I still miss him now that he’s not five minutes away from me. I have no one to get Azteca with me. Luckily, we’ll be living together in a few months, so we can have all the Azteca we want. Also Red Robin. Oh yes.


My Auntie Terri, Uncle Dave and my cousin Grace drove from the Spokane Area this weekend and it was so good to see them! Grace is the state bowling champion in her age division! (That’s right, she’s cooler than almost all of us). I don’t think I would ever bowl with her because she would dominate. I’d probably need the side guards that go up so the ball doesn’t go in the gutter…and she’d STILL win. She’s amazing. Luckily, I get to spend more time with her when they come to visit in New Jersey!!!

Snapchat--1079126956942214312Snapchat--4410080864971370255Speaking of super cool and amazing cousins, my two other younger cousins are high up on that list too! I went to Maria and Lillian’s dance show a few weekend’s ago. HOLY COW THEY CAN DANCE. We clearly know where all the dancing genes in our family went (not to me). I could not stop smiling, I am so proud of both of them! Maria is absolutely stunning and I can’t believe she’ll be 16 in the fall. Just stop okay, you’re too beautiful for your own good! Lillian just turned ten and is still the cutest thing ever…with a lot of sass I might add. Sorry the picture quality is so bad.


I finally got to see my roommates again and sleep in my own bed! I missed my bed so much! I missed my roommates too…but more my bed!

Guess who else I went to Red Robin with? Jelena! What does this make the total now? Three? No shame. With both of us being 21 now, what do we order? Raspberry milkshakes of course. It was worth it.

Screenshot_2015-06-20-15-57-25Screenshot_2015-06-20-15-56-36This last weekend I got to see my other favorite cousin Molli! I don’t know how I can go so long without seeing her. I’m probably the worst house guest ever considering I came over and took a nap. But we saw Jurassic World! I also bought 12 dollars worth of candy for it, so I kind of made up for it. She also cooked for me. And they took me to Costco. If you know me, you understand my love for that place. How can you pass up samples? Needless to say, It was a very good weekend. Very good.


Cue the snarky remarks and eye rolls. I don’t care though, it’s awesome. I’m already the queen of selfies so why not go all the way? Everyone looks down upon people with selfie sticks…until you need to take a large group photo! Oh I wonder what could possibly make that easier for you? Hmmm? Maybe a selfie stick? Yeah that’s right. So don’t hate us. You’ll eventually need us.

Snapchat--7147948259358412451                                                                    Snapchat-7860642999227224978

And now I am preparing to move out of my house, and pack to spend the rest of my summer in New Jersey! I can’t wait for another East Coast adventure and to see my sister again! We FaceTimed for the first time ever the other day and it was really good to see her face! I don’t know why we haven’t done that sooner.

The last three weeks have been polar opposite from my time in Italy; lots of family time and leisure time! I can’t say I hated it, but I definitely miss all the busy days I had in the Spring!

My next post will be from the East Coast!

Ciao! (I still can’t get rid of saying that!)


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