First Week in the East…East Coast that is

Happy 4th everyone!

How am I spending this lovely Saturday on the East Coast? Well, I went to the gym earlier…that was pretty exciting. No, really I’m not doing much today. The weather’s not that great anyway so I’m not too sad.

I’ve been in Jersey for a little over a week now and it feels like I never even left! My apartment is just as comfy and cozy as before and work is the same just with a lot more people. It felt so good to see everyone from last summer and meet all the new employees.

The first day I arrived, I didn’t even have time to catch up on the lack of sleep that I didn’t get on my red eye flight. I got to see my two favorite people! Sissy and Zega! Zega is seriously my BFF and when the three of us our together, nothing is better. But anyways, my sister was getting her hair done in my apartment so I got to catch up with them for a little bit. Of course I had to capture the moment with a selfie from my selfie stick. I told you it comes in handy.


The day after I arrived My Auntie Terri and cousin Grace landed and they spent a few days with me! The day they got here, the weather was really gross out so we just went down the block to grab pizza and ate at my place.


Snapchat--580389115813294007Snapchat--2529549643976761536Sunday, we spent the entire day in the city! (Did I mention I live right across the river from Manhattan). My sister, her parents, Paulo and the three of us went out for brunch and then took a ferry into the city. From there we went to the One World Trade Center for a private tour! When we first arrived there, the weather was not ideal; clouds everywhere. So our tour guide took us outside to where the memorial is. I’ve been there once before but both times, I’m immediately put into a somber mood. Even though there were so many tourists, you can still feel the effects of what happened there 14 years ago. Although I wasn’t personally affected, you still feel a sense of loss. To see all the names carved into the memorial, all the innocent lives lost; you can’t help but feel something.

Snapchat--6784015271020250904    Snapchat-6583906812734640988    Snapchat--8436026968224095064    Snapchat-6218046928762744319

Snapchat--794270827253420256Going into the One World Trade Center was really cool! Since we were on a private tour we got to go up to a different floor than then general admission people. We went to the 102 floor. The elevator ride took less than a minute and then all of a sudden we were there! Oh did I mention I’m kind of afraid of heights? Thank the Lord it was enclosed, because it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. When we first got to the top, it was completely cloudy, no visibility or anything. We walked around and went to the lower level and what do you know! The 2015062895201951clouds went away and the sun came out! We could see from every direction and it was beautiful. I could see all the way to the apartment! We stayed there for about an hour and then came the real fun.


Snapchat-7515397930780461878It was amaaaaaazing! We all saw Wicked and had amazing seats and I was just in awe the entire time. These actors have so much talent and I loved every minute of it. The story itself
Snapchat--8300524522091414085was really interesting because I never knew what happened before the Wizard of Oz. This play really put things into perspective. I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was too excited with it being my first Broadway show!

Once the show was over, we all went out to dinner at Del Friscos. Okay guys, this restaurant is seriously amazing. I may have had the best steak of my life and the sides are all family style! When they bring the sides out though, they don’t just set them down, they literally serve everyone a portion of it! I felt like royalty! Oh and they had an amazing Lemon Cake for dessert that my sister is obsessed with. OBSESSED. I have to say, it was quite amazing,


The next day I started back at IT Cosmetics! I was actually really nervous about coming back because there were so many new people. Luckily I had no reason to be nervous! Everyone from last summer welcomed me back and all the new employees were excited to meet me! So my first week went really well and I’m excited to start working on Copy and Editing next week!


Guess what I did Tuesday?



20150630_183411Snapchat-9107360940690581080Auntie Terri, Grace and I saw the Lion King!!! It was even more amazing than Wicked! The way they were able to bring an animated movie to life was beyond anything I could ever think of. The costumes so perfect for each animal, so creative in how they constructed it, I was blown away. I also like that they incorporated the audience into it. The actors would come down the aisles, run up and down them, etc. and it made the audience feel more apart of it. I also loved the fact that there were children in it! They were just so enthusiastic about it and kids are just adorable anyway so of course I fell in love. It felt like I was reliving my childhood and actually seeing it come to life. Definitely my favorite so far. This show was the evening show, so by the time we got out, it was dark and considering all three of us are extremely unfamiliar with Manhattan, we didn’t get home until after 11. I like sleep a lot so I was a little grumpy. On the other hand, I got this view of the Empire State Building with clouds surrounding it so I suppose it was worth it.


The rest of my week has been pretty relaxing.

Oh I almost forgot! I started a vegan detox last Monday! It’s only for a month but it’s no dairy, no meat, no caffeine, and no alcohol. So far it actually hasn’t been that bad. I thought I would be a lot more hungry but I’m not. The key I think is to not good bored. I found that quinoa tortillas and hummus with veggies is SO GOOD. So that, with apples of course keeps me on track! The main reason why I started this is because I ate so unhealthy for two months while I was in Rome. I just need something to help me get back on track. Hopefully this detox, mixed with daily workouts, and a waist trainer that I bought (hey, don’t judge), will get me right where I want to be! Runway here I come! Haha…just kidding. Kind of, not really at all. I’ll keep you updated periodically since I know you’re so interested.

Well, that brings me to today! I hope everyone is having fun today and being safe! Maybe I’ll go out tonight and watch the fireworks…maybe.



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