Miraval Places

See what I did there? Miraval Places? Mir OF ALL PLACES? Get it? No? Well I thought it was funny….

I realize it’s been what seems like decades since I last posted, but nothing blog worthy has happened this summer. Until now.

For Labor Day, I took a quick little trip to Tuscan, Arizona! Now the last time I was there, I was visiting the University of Arizona to see if I wanted to go to school there. I did not. I thought Tuscan was a terrible place that lacked beauty. Well, this time around, I thought Tuscan was incredibly beautiful. I didn’t remember there being so much green! It made me happy


The reason why I went to Arizona of all places was to spend a couple days with my sister at Miraval!

Now if you don’t know what Miraval is, you’re living under a rock. Actually probably not because I only heard about watching the Kardashian’s (Scott and Kourtney went there).

Don’t judge me that I watch their show, it’s entertaining,

Anyways, basically Miraval is a resort spa that people go to for all sorts of reasons. Therapy, couple’s therapy, weight loss, just to get away, etc.


I only went for 2 days but I could have stayed there forever. They had me at “all food is included”. Sold.

When I arrived, we went straight to a mindfulness class. This was my first experience in breathing mediation. Guess what? I meditated! I don’t know if it was because I was so tired from such an early morning flight, or if I really got the hang of it; but I was able to calm my mind. I remember listening to the women’s voice but nothing was going on in my head. I specifically remember hearing almost like a hum in my mind. The only thing that took me out of it was me realizing that I wasn’t thinking about anything.


After Mindfulness, we went to lunch.

Okay, now breakfast and lunch are all buffet style, but everything is made with organic, good for you ingredients so I felt no shame in eating multiple plates of food.


This is where I would insert a picture of all the delicious food I ate but I forgot to tell you one important thing: NO PHONES ALLOWED. Except in the rooms and the courtyard, the use of phones were not permitted. Hence, no photo.

Back to my narration.

Once lunch was over, we headed to the Agave Center where we did more meditation. Lucky for us, this was a very different type of meditation: Floating Meditation!

When I first heard about this, I completely thought it was in the water. Wrong. Basically you get into these silk wraps that hang from the ceiling and are a few feet off the ground. You lay back and then the instructor talks you through the meditation. You’re pretty much a butterfly in a cocoon. It was so warm and cozy. The only problem though, I wasn’t really able to meditate because I couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun and exciting being in this silk wrap was. Maybe as the novelty of it wore off, it would be easier. I did get pictures of this, so please enjoy!


After Floating Meditation, it was spa time! (The first of five I might add)

This massage was a Total Body Relaxation Massage and probably my favorite. It felt so good I could have had the lady massage me forever.

Unfortunately it had to end, but not to fear because we went to dinner next! Dinner is a little different but still phenomenal!. They give you a set menu and then you have the option of picking 4 different things between appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Whatever combination you want. So for this meal I ordered a flatbread appetizer, a steak entree and a paella entree. The steak dish was seriously one of the best steaks I’ve had. So tender, so delicious, so yummy. For dessert we ordered a peanut butter brownie. I don’t think words are needed for that. We all know it was heaven.

The next morning we woke up too early for our 2 hour 7 am hike! Any later though, and we would have suffered from heat stroke. We hiked into the Sonoran Desert and this is hike is really what helped me to appreciate Arizona’s beauty.Snapchat-7177247233222960976

Until I saw a wild Tarantula. I heard that they come out after a rainstorm but I thought ‘no way am I going to see one’. Wrong, wrong, SO WRONG, Not only did I see it but I saw it right outside my door! NO THANK YOU. You can leave anytime.

Every time I walked across my room, I imagined a spider running over my feet. Done.

Anyways, after the hike I went to a class called the ABC’s of Emotional Intelligence. Essentially this class was learning about the emotions and how to recognize emotions in the green zone (positive) and the red zone (negative) in ourselves and others. It was really interesting and just tries to make you aware of what you’re feeling so that you can respond in a positive way. So you can be mindful of how you and others are feeling.

Then it was lunch. Ahhhh lunch my favorite part of the day!

After lunch I had a very different kind of massage. It’s called a Chi Nei Tsang massage. They massage your stomach the entire time. My stomach is probably the one place I’m the most self conscious about, but I figured why not.

This massage is supposed to train your internal organs to work more efficiently for overall physical and emotional health.I can’t really speak on that, but it was very interesting. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep at once because I remember flinching awake.The lady also said I might have heightened emotions and I do remember feeling really anxious at one point. Who knows if it worked, but I think I liked it.

Then we had dinner.

The dessert was the best part! We had a flourless chocolate torte and seriously you guys I could of eaten an entire thing of it. They puy sea salt on top and mmm mmm mmm my mouth is watering just thinking of it.

We were so into our dessert, we were late to our next massage!

I got an herbal balancing massage which is where they massage essential oils into your skin. It was so soothing and it was nice because we could go straight from the massage to bed! Double the relaxation!

The next morning we had a really nice breakfast and then went to morning mediation. I really enjoy it, even if I can’t calm my mind 100%, it’s nice to just relax and try to only think about one thing. While we were meditating, there was lots of thunder going on so it made for an interesting soundtrack.

After mediation, I went to my fourth massage! It’s called Abhyanga which is a massage that uses a lot of warm oil. This is a great massage but I had so much oil on me by the end! I thought there was a lot in the herbal balancing massage but this was on a whole other level. My skin is still super soft from it.

From this massage I ate a quick lunch and then went to literally the weirdest massage I’ve ever had. It’s called Naga. While the other ones I can kind of explain in words, this one definitely needs a picture.

Example of Naga at Miraval

So from the picture, this guy uses those hanging silks to help hold his body weight and then he literally walks on you. He moves your arms and legs this way and that, stretches you and walks on you. It’s deeper than a deep tissue massage. Now in the sense of working out all the muscles, this was amazing. In the sense of relaxation, it was so hard to relax. If this were in any other scenario, massaging would not be happening. But it was a very cool experience, even if it was semi-uncomfortable.

And this was essentially the end of my Miraval trip! I definitely want to come back here, there is such a calm feeling when you’re there, it’s like your transported into another world.

I’ll leave you with this picture, as I got a taste of luxury! I flew back to New Jersey in a private plane! SO COOL!


P.S. I still miss Italy like crazy.


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