G’Day Matey’s!

G’Day from Down Under!

The past two days have been a whirlwind mixture of go go go and overcoming jet lag. So to keep us all sane, let me just start from the beginning.

Before I get to our adventures, I first need to educate you on some language and cultural differences:

  • Melbourne is pronounced more like “Melbin”
  • Laneway = Alley
  • Arcade = Shopping Center
  • M.A.M.Ls = Middle Aged Men in Lycra
  • Driving is done on the left side…and so is walking
  • On escalators you better stand on the left side, not the right unless you want to get yelled at
  • When crossing streets you look ‘Right, Left, Right’, rather than our ‘Left, Right, Left’
  • In order to turn lights on in the hotel room, you have to stick your keycard into the outlet

Mackenzie and I departed Seattle on December 20th and landed in Melbourne, Australia on December 22nd. We skipped a day! A Whole day! So does this make us time travelers?? Yes? I think so too.

We landed at 9am and went directly to our BEAUTIFUL hotel. I mean this hotel is amazing! The Langham hotel is right on the water and has a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best part about the restaurant? They have ice cream for breakfast! My sugar addiction is in full effect and I’ve only been on this trip 24 hours.


Well we had about 5 hours before our room was ready so we walked the riverfront for a bit and got a bite to eat (Chinese food from a food court…I know I know not very authentic). Eventually our room was ready and we took a two hour power nap. That jet lag hits you hard.

Unfortunately we couldn’t sleep longer because we had a welcome reception to get to! Of course we were the first ones there (have to be early to everything). Now we knew there was a slim chance that there were going to be people our age…and we were right! Every single person except for one is at least 20 years older than us! They are all so nice and sweet and luckily there is one other girl our age that is on the trip with us and I think we were all pretty excited to see someone else the same age.

After the meet and greet we went to dinner where I ate so much dessert. If I’m being completely honest, I only ate real food first in order to get to the dessert. There was a CHOCOLATE FONDUE station. Does it get any better that? I think not. Promptly after dinner we crashed into a deep deep sleep.

Which brings us to yesterday where we had to be up and ready by 8 am. 8 am?? Eh I was up at 4 am so it was all good. We went down to breakfast where we of course had ice cream with chocolate sauce…because duh.

After  breakfast we met everyone in the lobby for the start of our walking tour, which was so cool!! Our tour guide took us all around Melbourne, stopping at certain locations to teach us about the history or cool facts about a certain location. From the walking tour we took a bus tour around the city to the Shrine of Remembrance and botanical gardens. My highlights are below:

Street Art: The street art here is insane! The government has designated certain laneways (alley’s)  for people to graffiti and do any type of art they want on the walls. Some of the artwork is absolutely beautiful (my favorite was the monkey of course)!

img_3906     img_3964img_3955     img_3948

Coffee: Now if you know anything about me at all, you know I hate coffee. Don’t like it, don’t drink it! Well guess what guys? I had a cup of coffee! On our walking tour we stopped at a local café where we all got a cup of coffee as part of the tour. Of course I’m not going to pass something free up. What did I get you ask? Well I got something local called a ‘Flat White’. Don’t ask me what that means because I have no clue. Okay so the verdict?? GROSS. But I drank it all so…go me?


Shrine of Remembrance/Botanical Gardens: Our last stop was the Shrine of Remembrance which was built to honor all the fallen heroes from Victoria who battled in World War I. It was very beautiful and the interior was a huge museum of artifacts from the time period. Then there were botanical gardens all around aka selfie haven!


img_3926     img_3942


And this concludes our journey in Melbourne! Next stop? Today we travel to Uluru and the Outback!


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