A Rainy Desert Christmas

G’day Matey’s!

This post is a little bit late but as I am currently in the rainforest, wifi is a bit hard to find. But I trust that everyone had a wonderful Christmas with loved ones and lots of goodies and chocolate!

How did I spend my Christmas you ask? Part of it was spent in the outback and the rest traveling to Cairns!

So, just like before a couple housekeeping items:

  • Cairns = pronounced Cans
  • Station = ranch
  • It rains in the desert…HARD

Now on to the good stuff*.

*DISCLAIMER: This post will contain mainly words and rock pictures. So if you think rocks are boring, I’d turn back now. (But please don’t!)

From Melbourne we took a chartered plane to Uluru, right in the middle of the outback. Upon landing, the view was actually quite pretty! Green shrubbery and trees with very red sand. Hmmm…green and red? That’s pretty fitting for Christmas!

We boarded the bus which then took us straight to a viewing point of Ayers Rock. Don’t know what Ayers Rock is? Well it is a GIANT rock smack dab in the middle of the desert. Quick facts: This rock is 6 miles around and sacred to the Aboriginals. At least 14 people have died trying to climb the rock.


This rock is most commonly known for the sunrise/sunset views. Well, we didn’t get to see either. It was cloudy and rainy. The whole time. But this was almost better than the sunset view. According to our guide, only 1% of people who come to Ayers Rock get to see it in the rain. It’s actually a rare sight because when it rains, waterfalls form on all sides of the rock. It’s really quite a sight to see so I’m okay not seeing a beautiful sunset.


From there we made a quick stop at the Aboriginal Cultural Center and then we headed to our one night stay at our hotel; Sails in the Desert. History isn’t my favorite (at all) but the cultural center was neat; I liked seeing all the different kinds of artwork the Aboriginals make. We had some downtime at the hotel and during that time it poured like there was no tomorrow. Seriously, I thought the roof was going to cave in. And what did my smart, educated self decide to wear? My white shows. In red, very muddy sand.

The good news is my shoes are still very much white.

Christmas Day we got up super early for an up close and personal tour of Ayers Rock. We got right up to the base of it and saw the only natural waterhole in the entire desert. Super exciting. But what was really exciting was we all got Santa hats!

img_4008    img_4003

From there we got straight onto another plane and headed to our next destination; Cairns, in the rainforest! I don’t want to talk too much about it since majority of it will be in my next post; but to tie you over, we’re staying in treehouses! And there is a hammock on our deck!!



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