It’s a fish, it’s a balloon, it’s a..Koala?


I am currently flying to Sydney from Cairns, so what better time than to blog?!

Before I get into the best three days of my life, I need to fill you in on a major cultural difference between American and Australia: AIRPORT SECURITY.

Yep that’s right, airport security. Now we all know how long it takes to get through airport security in American, taking things out of bags and all that good stuff. Well let me tell you about all the things you DON’T have to do in Australia (only flying domestically):

  • You DONT have to take your shoes off when going through security
  • You DONT have to take liquids out or have size restrictions on liquids
  • You DONT have to take out or show passports, ID, or boarding passes 
    • Only when you’re about to board your plane do you even show your boarding pass


No boarding passes? No passport? No ID? I can’t even begin to comprehend this. How do they not have terrorist attacks or hijacked planes? Oh right…this isn’t America.

Anyways, back to the best three days of my life!

So I left off in my last post with flying to Cairns on Christmas day and staying in treehouses in the rainforest. Lucky for us, we got to spend three nights there. On the deck of our treehouse, there was a hammock! This hammock gave me life. I kid you not, laying in a hammock is one of the most relaxing, serene things to do. Similar to laying on inflatable swans.


Christmas night, we settled in to our rooms and had a special Christmas group dinner with live singing! Unfortunately there was no chocolate fondue but hey, you can’t always get what you want.

Since this blog is already long, and I don’t want you to have to read a novel, I’ll try to sum up these past three days as best as I can. But they were really amazing so no promises!

Great Barrier Reef (GBF): We spent all day out on the water! We had to wake up super early, drive an hour, and then there was an hour long boat ride but we docked at the Agincourt Reef for a fun day of snorkeling! I was slightly terrified because we’re right in the middle of Stinger (Jellyfish) season and I almost ran in to at least 10 jellyfish throughout the day. No thank you.

Side note: Remember when I taught you about M.A.M.Ls? Well jokes on me because I had to wear some too. Luckily it protects you from stingers.



Anyways, the GBF was AMAZING. Seriously, the water was so so clear and there were so many pretty fishies! My favorite part was when I saw a Sea Turtle! I’d like to think it was the once baby Sea Turtle I released back into the Ocean in Mexico 7 years ago… Other than that, I did find Dory, but Nemo is still missing.

Hot Air Balloon Ride and SkyRail: The next morning we woke up at 3 am (yes you read that correctly) for our hot air balloon ride! I realized I have the tendency to do height adrenaline activities before I remind myself that I have a slight fear of heights. So naturally when the balloon lifted and we started rising, I panicked and a tiny panic attack ensued.


But once we were up in the air, it wasn’t as bad. It is very calm 4000 feet in the sky (duh). During our ride we saw tons of wallabies and giant termite mounds. However, as we came towards the end of our ride; things became a lot more interesting. The winds weren’t quite in our favor and our guide was having trouble finding an open spot for us to land. We may or may not have ran into a couple trees on the way down…don’t worry we ducked!


Finally our guide decided on a very narrow private air strip at the edge of a coffee bean field. He prepared us for landing and warned us it would be a little rough. He wasn’t joking. Our basket touched ground and bounced for a second and then a wind gust did the rest of the work and tipped us over. That is right, our basket tipped over and we were in the baskets on our backs. And we all couldn’t stop laughing. It was quite the experience that’s for sure.


After the balloon ride, we had a bit of leisure time and then we went on a SkyRail (gondola) of the rainforest. This wasn’t my favorite part but I loved seeing all of the rainforest. I’m pretty sure Tarzan was in there somewhere. It looked just like where he lived.

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures: Okay this is by far the highlight of my trip so far! I wasn’t too excited about seeing Crocodiles but watching them whip around and snap for food was fascinating! We had a private feeding which was terrifying and fascinating at the same time. But that’s not why it was the most exciting…I GOT TO HOLD A KOALA! I was in heaven. Seriously this is why I wanted to go on this trip, to hold a Koala! I was like a little kid in a candy store I was so excited!

img_4083       img_4078

You already know my obsession with Gorillas, well I also love Koala’s just as much. I think in another life I was part gorilla and part Koala. I was a Korilla. Yep, a Korilla. So these last three days have been absolutely amazing and I am really looking forward to spending the next four days in Sydney!

img_4111         img_4090fullsizerender


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