Kia Ora

Kia Ora! (This means hello)

We are now well into our trip in New Zealand, and the views are stunning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen scenery this beautiful. 

How did my last post go from my phone? Good? Bad? Well I’m doing it again so hopefully it made sense.

We’ve taken a lot of short trips to different towns so I figured I’d combine them all into one post. Here we go!

Wellington: Wellington is known for its wind and they aren’t kidding. We had the bumpiest landing I think I’ve ever had, to the point where a few people screamed. No thank you. But we made it out alive and despite it being cold, cloudy, and rainy the entire time; it was absolutely beautiful. 

In Wellington we toured the city, went to the Botanical Gardens, and visited the Te Papa Museum.

The museum was actually my favorite part because it was very interactive…similar to the Pacific Sciece Center in Seattle. But we learned all about Maori people and how New Zealand came to be. It was interesting because in the museum there were original houses and gathering buildings of the Maori people inside there and it kind of pissed me off. I completely get teaching people about the Maori culture, but why do we have to have their original buildings? Why not make replicas so they can keep what they put so much hard work and effor into? Then we read the treaty between the Maori and England and of course they said different things in the English one vs the Maori one. The English one basically talked about how they could take their land at anytime but they would give the Maori people the same protections as an Englishman. Well this just made me more mad…see any similarities?? Maybe between the English and the Native Americans? I was just so offended for the Maori people it really put me in a bitter mood. Sorry rant over. But the museum itself was fascinating. 

I also saw the largest squid ever and I wanted to throw up and never go in the water again:

Blenheim – Picton – Queen Charlotte Sound: The next day we took a short flight to Blenheim, to then drive to the town of Picton, to then board a boat on the Marlborough Sounds, get all that? We cruised around the Queen Charlotte Sound in the rain and cold but it was so beautiful! I tried green tipped mussles and Pavlova and mmm mmm mmm. 

Then we flew to….

Manapouri – Te Anau: Right after the boat ride we boarded a plane to Te Anau. Now this little town is beautiful, but with practically nothing to do. It’s where you go to retire. We walked around the town, up and down the beach…and that about sums up the town. Oh with TONS of sheep on the outskirts. There’s more sheep than people in New Zealand! 

Milford Sound: The next morning we woke up super early to drive 2.5 hours to Milford Sound which the drive and the sound is supposed to be some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Well, they weren’t kidding! We made multiple stops along the way, including Mirror Lakes which is self explanatory. 

Eventually we came to Milford Sound and thankfully the sun decided to make an appearance all day! It was beautiful! Wherever you look, you just feel as if you’re in a movie…or a puzzle. 

The best part about today was…WATERFALLS! Yes, so many waterfalls!! I’ve always wanted to swim/stand in a waterfall and I finally got my chance. I am now sicker than death but it was totally worth it! (I was sick before the waterfall). But enjoy these beautiful pictures and I’m off to Queenstown from here!



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