SydNYE 2016

Happy 2017 everyone!! I trust that we all had an insane and fun New Years Eve? I know I did! I have no idea how this post will turn out on the computer as my own computer decided to stop charging completely so I’m typing all of this from my phone. Great.  The last few … More SydNYE 2016

It’s a fish, it’s a balloon, it’s a..Koala?

G’Day! I am currently flying to Sydney from Cairns, so what better time than to blog?! Before I get into the best three days of my life, I need to fill you in on a major cultural difference between American and Australia: AIRPORT SECURITY. Yep that’s right, airport security. Now we all know how long it … More It’s a fish, it’s a balloon, it’s a..Koala?

G’Day Matey’s!

G’Day from Down Under! The past two days have been a whirlwind mixture of go go go and overcoming jet lag. So to keep us all sane, let me just start from the beginning. Before I get to our adventures, I first need to educate you on some language and cultural differences: Melbourne is pronounced more like … More G’Day Matey’s!